Loge boxes, suites offer upscale amenities

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Soon thousands of people will fill Pinnacle Bank Arena with capacity reaching up to 15,500 for some events.

“Hopefully as they come in they'll have great seats and they'll be able to see the stage or the basketball game,” general manager Tom Lorenz said.

One option is in Premium Seating, the Loge Boxes.

They're 20 suites, no windows, no walls, just open spaces. All 20, $20,000 boxes have been sold.

They're one step down from the Founders and Executive suites, which can cost up to $65,000, but these still have the same upscale amenities.

“We did want to make it so that people do interact and they're able to talk and see each other and see their neighbors,” Lorenz said.

Which is what Lorenz says is a big part of being in Lincoln.

“Lincoln is kind of that way, people do interact, they know each other, they do business together so it's a much better way than separating them off,” he said.

Though everything in Premium Seating has been sold, you can still rent a suite. Go to http://www.pinnaclebankarena.com/premium-seating/faq.html for information.