LPD: Arsonists ignites multiple fires in Pioneer’s Park


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A man was setting Pioneers Park on fire, reports Lincoln Police.

Around 3:10 pm Wednesday, Lincoln Police officers arrived at Pioneers Park after a Lincoln Parks and Rec employee claimed someone was setting the grass on fire.

When they arrived, officers spotted 58-year-old Thomas Pulec walking toward the park exit. Authorities say they discovered that Pulec had lit multiple fires around Pioneers Park.

Three fires were still active and three large areas of prairie grass were burned, including four trees. The damage is estimated to cost $3,500.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue, along with the U.S. Air Guard and Lincoln Parks and Rec, put out the flames.

Pulec was cited for 3rd-Degree-Arson.

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