LPD says don’t be fooled by a curb-painting service

Lincoln Police say those bright yellow flyers offering curb painting services are not legitimate.

Police say over the last several days, mailboxes throughout Lincoln have been peppered with bright yellow flyers offering curb painting services. According to the notice, reflective address numbers and graphics can be painted on curbs for a nominal fee.

Police say citizens have expressed concern about the legality of the business, which is not identified on the flyer. Police say the painters are in violation of City Code. They are creating numbers larger than the ordinance allows and offering logos which are not allowed.

Police believe proper permits have not been obtained. At this time, Lincoln Police need assistance in identifying the individuals involved. Witnesses have described a male and female driving a white Pontiac Grand Am with Utah license plates. If you have further information that could lead to their location or identification, please call the Lincoln Police Department at 402.441.7204.