LPD: Suspect in custody following several alleged thefts

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — According to Lincoln Police, a recent arrest required the coordination of at least 12 different officers, as the suspect was allegedly involved in multiple incidents between October and November.

The investigation began on Oct. 27 when a 29-year-old female reported fraudulent charges on her account via a stolen credit card.

The fraudulent activity led to about $700 in losses. Officers say the victim believed someone in her household may be responsible.

Lincoln Police then developed 37-year-old co-habitant Scott Enovoldsen as a suspect. The victim reported Enevoldsen had been present with her for purchases before and he has her pin.

Officers initiated a broadcast to be on the lookout for the alleged suspect.

A week later, on Nov. 4, a 20-year-old reported his 2007 black Jeep Grand Cherokee to be stolen, after leaving it left unlocked and running at a McDonald’s.

Only 15 minutes after this call, a report came in of a person taking license plates off cars at the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s parking lot.

A description of the alleged license plate swiper was obtained from witnesses including a description of their vehicle. Officers say the suspect description matched Enevoldsen and the vehicle description match the stolen black Jeep.

The next morning, Lincoln Police responded to a Burger King, 3810 Old Cheney Rd., on a report of a vehicle backing into another vehicle.

The driver alleged to be responsible was identified as Enevoldsen driving the stolen black Jeep.

According to Lincoln Police, when an officer attempted to contact him, Enevoldsen sped away. Officers did not pursue him at the time out of concern for public safety.

A few days later, the evening of Nov. 11, Lincoln Police responded to a reported gas drive-off at U-Stop, 3280 Superior St. Officers say that they suspect and vehicle description in this case again matched Enevoldsen and the stolen Jeep.

The next morning, Lincoln Police responded to another report of stolen license plates in the 4800 block of Barker Hill Rd. The targeted vehicle was another black Jeep.

Later that day, officers contacted Enevoldsen at his home, where the stolen black Jeep was parked out front. Numerous stolen license plates were also seen inside the vehicle.

Based on video evidence and the stolen vehicle containing stolen license plates along with Enovoldsen’s personal items, Lincoln Police cited Enevoldsen on multiple counts of theft.

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