LPD: Suspect in custody following violent struggle

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — According to the Lincoln Police Department (LPD), a suspect allegedly involved in a violent rape is now in custody two months following the reported offense.

Officials say the assault was originally reported on Sept. 19th. The victim was at an Omaha hospital when she claimed to have been brutally attacked earlier that day in Lincoln.

She said an unidentified man had forcibly raped her in an apartment after a night out with friends. Following the attack, she was able to contact her family to say she needed help and sent them her location via her cellphone.

LPD reports finding evidence and witness statements that support the survivor’s timeline of events.

Also from the evidence, officers developed 25-year-old Innocent Magaya as a suspect.

On Oct. 27, investigators interviewed and collected DNA from Magaya. After analyzing the DNA, LPD says that it connected him to the Sept. 19 attack.

Around 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17, officers contacted Magaya again outside his residence in Lincoln.

Officers say when told he was under arrest, Magaya responded with “No, I am not” and actively resisted.

A lengthy and violent struggle ensued between Magaya and officers. Lincoln Police say one officer was even pulled inside Magaya’s residence as he attempted to get away.

As the suspect continued to grapple with officers, a taser was deployed in an attempt to subdue him. However, Magaya continued to resist even after being put into handcuffs.

Magaya was arrested for first-degree sexual assault, strangulation, false imprisonment, and felony resist arrest.

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