LPD: Theft suspect taken into custody following struggle

Police cruiser

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln Police report taking one suspect into custody following the theft of a handgun.

The Smith & Wesson handgun was reported stolen the afternoon of Oct. 20 at Kawasaki Motors, 6500 NW 27th St. The victim reported leaving it in the center console of her locked car before going to work.

Returning to her car over a lunch break, she found her car window was slightly down and the center console had been rummaged through, the .380 Smith & Wesson handgun now missing.

After reviewing security footage from Kawasaki, a man seen driving a white Ford F-150 with in-transit papers was seen entering the victim’s vehicle.

The morning of Nov. 17, Kawasaki security reported seeing the same truck driving in the area with the driver appearing to be looking into vehicles.

Lincoln Police arrived on scene to find 41-year-old Jarrad King in the area, driving a white Ford F-150 with in-transit papers.

According to officers, when asked to exit his vehicle, King was argumentative. He eventually agreed to get out of the car but immediately began reaching into his jacket.

King resisted officers’ attempts to place him in custody and continue to reach into his jacket. After a short struggle, officers were able to take King into custody.

Late Lincoln Police report finding a 4 1/4 inch blade inside King’s jacket.

Due to previous convictions, he is prohibited from possessing a weapon. King was arrested on multiple charges including theft and carrying a concealed weapon.

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