LPS first Facility Advisory Committee meeting

As you know, Lincoln is a growing city.

Because of that, Lincoln Public Schools must think several steps ahead for how to serve that growing population. 

Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel established a Facility Advisory Committee that met for the first time Tuesday evening.

It will look at the district’s infrastructure needs for the next seven to 10 years.

The 100–member committee includes members of the High School Task Force and other community members.

The committee is led by Jennifer Brinkman, Maribel Cruz and Nick Cusick.

“So it’s limited resources and lots of needs,’ Dr. Joel said.  “So at the end of the day, difficult decisions are going to have to be made, hopefully flowing from some concrete, collaborative consensus recommendation.”

No one from the school board is on the committee.

It will present its recommendations to the Dr. Joel and the Board of Education by September.

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