LPS practices reuniting parents and students after school emergencies

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln Public Schools held a drill on Thursday to practice reuniting parents with their kids after a school emergency.

Students were bused from Saratoga Elementary School to Southwest High, the district’s designated reunification school.

“If for some reason we can’t go back to the incident school, then we’re going to bus them to Southwest High School,” said Kyle Poore, LPS’s security coordinator.

Parents arrived and let staff know whom they were picking up. They were taken to the reunification point, where another staffer met them with the student.

At the end, the parent and child checked out to let LPS know that the reunification was successful.

“It was very well laid out, with the different stations, a good flow,” parent Gina Cookus said. “So it was really nice to get to run through it a couple of times and learn the flow of things if something like this were to happen.”

Superintendent Paul Gausman, who is new to LPS, said he has never seen a drill like this with this much detail.

He said the training was “extraordinarily valuable because we have actual students and parents working with us.”

Different schools participate in the drills each year.

Next year, the drill be at Northstar High, the district’s backup reunification location.

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