LPS: remote learning to continue until at least May 6th


Following state regulations and recommendations by health officials, Lincoln Public Schools will continue remote learning until at least May 6th.

There will be no student classes or activities in school buildings during this time, and a decision for the remainder of the school year will be made as more information becomes available.

LPS has also outlined new grading and graduation guidelines for this period of time.

“Our teachers and administrators are going to continue to work with students and families to make sure students have the skills they need to succeed after high school while following recommendations from the Nebraska Department of Education,” said Steve Joel, superintendent. “If students remain engaged during this unique situation and put forth effort, they will be able to move on academically and graduate on time.”

During fourth quarter, all grades will either be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory based on work completed and a special Coronavirus Pandemic Closure designation will be noted in student transcripts. For middle and high school classes that run on a semester schedule, students will have the option of using their third quarter letter grade for their semester grade.

Students have until April 10 to work with their teachers to turn in missing assignments from third quarter and work on improving their grades. For all students who ended the third quarter with an incomplete or an F, teachers have been working with students since March 23 to support students in successfully completing course material.

Due to block scheduling at Southwest High School, fourth quarter courses are semester courses. Southwest will develop a system for converting Satisfactory grades into letter grades if a letter grade is requested by the student. Students enrolled in eLearning courses will follow the same guidelines.

There will not be fall academic honors due to the unique fourth quarter circumstances. This will be noted on student transcripts as due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Closure.

The following changes are being implemented for graduating seniors at LPS this year:

  • Courses that placed students in the community, such as Government and Politics required volunteer hours, work experience, and/or internship courses, will have those service requirements waived.
  • School counselors will complete graduation checks and work individually with students. Students who are short on meeting requirements can fulfill needed coursework through eLearning courses, summer school, or independent study as identified by the counselor.
  • Final class rank is the students’ Semester 1 rank (Term 2 for Southwest students). There will be no Semester 2 class rank calculated for seniors at the end of the school year.
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