LR268CA: Giving Nebraskans the right to recall a Governor or Senator

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Right now Nebraskans have the right to recall elected officials in cities and counties, but they can not recall a Senator or Governor.

A constitutional amendment is aiming to change that.

19 other states and Washington D.C. give voters the right to recall an elected Governor or Senator. Our neighboring states of Kansas and Colorado allow this kind of recall.

Senator Tom Briese introduced this constitutional amendment. He feels it wouldn’t be something used often but would allow Nebraskans a voice when they feel they are not being represented properly.

Historically, there have only been 2 Governors successfully recalled, one in California, and one in North Dakota.

Right now, if a district is unhappy with their representation from their Senator, they are forced to wait until the next scheduled election to vote for someone else. This amendment would allow for a special election if enough signatures were collected.

“Our voters, like those in 19 other states, should not have to wait until the next scheduled election to remove top state officials. Especially during this time of deep political frustration and discontent. Although it is difficult to measure nationally, the recall process encourages sitting public officials to be more accountable and responsive to their constituents,” said Doug Kagan with Nebraska taxpayers for freedom.

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