LSO: Mom hiding in closet with 3-year-old opened fire on burglar

Authorities are investigating after a woman reportedly shot at a burglar inside her home. 
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Authorities are investigating after a woman reportedly shot at an apparent burglar inside her home.

A large law enforcement response including members of the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office swarmed a home near 94th and Fletcher around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

The 32-year-old mother of three tells Channel 8 she was about to take a nap with her three-year-old daughter when she heard someone in the house trying to open her bedroom door. The mother says the door is difficult to open, and as the man attempted to get into the room, she hid in the closet with her daughter.

“He sounded like an older man,” she said. Once in the closet, where her pistol was located, the woman says the man tried to open the closet door and was speaking aggressively to her.

That’s when she says she fired two shots through the closet door, scaring the man off.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner said it doesn’t appear the man was hit, and he hasn’t heard of any reports of someone showing up at local hospitals with a gunshot wound.

Officers armed with rifles and riot shields could be seen searching the area for a suspect.

No arrests have been made.


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