Lucky to be alive, Woods faces difficult recovery

tiger woods

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities say golf star Tiger Woods was seriously injured when his SUV crashed into a median and rolled over several times on a steep road in suburban Los Angeles. Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s chief medical officer says Woods shattered tibia and fibula bones on his right leg in multiple locations, with additional injuries in the ankle and foot. A statement on his Twitter account says he was awake, responsive and recovering. Authorities had to extricate Woods through the front windshield. They say he’s fortunate to be alive. Authorities say there wasn’t evidence Woods was impaired. The crash happened on a sweeping, downhill stretch of road.

Audio of the 911 call provided by KABC.

“Hi Fire this Is EMS – Can you go with us out to an accident that actually the vehicle went off the road on Hawthorne and Peavy drive north to south of silver springs? Is it in Rolling Hills Estates or Rancho Palos Verdes? Rolling Hills. Okay, and you said Vehicle over the side? Yeah, our units are already there. Okay, um, vehicle description? No, we don’t have a vehicle description at all. Okay, and how far over the side is it? They haven’t started yet they’re there at 97 they just asked for fire. Okay, and is anyone trapped in the vehicle or is the vehicle on fire? No. Okay, this is going from Hawthorne Boulevard and Palos Verdes north and Rolling Hills Estates. Is that correct? Correct. Okay, so like over the side, like on a cliff, or is it just off of the front of the road? Just the side of the road. Okay, we’ll go ahead and send somebody out right away. Okay. Thank you.”

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