Man arrested for sex assault two decades later

By: Ian Hest

Michael Miller is in jail tonight. Police say he sexually abused a boy in the early 90s. They say that boy, now in his 30s, came forward to police, leading to Miller's arrest.

57-year-old Michael Miller will appear in court Tuesday, three days after he was arrested for sexual assault. Miller was taken into custody Saturday and  charged with first degree sexual assault of a child.

Lincoln police say Miller sexually abused a minor more than 20 years ago. “This victim was under the age of 16 when the incident occurred at Michael Miller's residence in the early to mid 90s. He would befriend adolescent males, invite them over to play video games or even sleep overs,” said Officer Katie Flood, with LPD.

Police say Miller lured the victim back into his house, but neighbors say they were shocked because he seemed like a nice guy and always looked out for the community.

Miller's neighbor, Bryan says, “He's one of those guys that, because he works out of his home, he always keeps and eye out on everything for people and is sort of the neighborhood watch, so to speak.”

Flood says the investigation initially began when they were contacted by another alleged victim. That man said Miller assaulted him in the mid-80s. The statute of limitations has passed in that case, but LPD says it led them to the other victim, and ultimately Miller's arrest.

“To me the statute of limitations is irrelevant. It's a serious crime and if it pans out to be the truth, then I hope he's brought to justice,” said Bryan.

Police added they believe there may be even more victims in this case. If you know anything about it, you're urged to call investigators at 441-8979.