Man attacks elderly woman and Lincoln apartment building


A man now sits behind bars after threatening an elderly woman and kicking in apartment complex doors near Plum and South Tenth street.

“It’s a little scary, a little nerve racking”, said Madeline Bromich.

This is how residents feel after a man caused quite a ruckus at a Lincoln apartment building. It all started near 10th and south Monday night.

Lincoln police say a 73-year-old woman getting into her car when 27–year–old Guno Yankton came up and asked for a ride.

She refused and police say that’s when Yankton put a knife to her throat. She was able to fend him off and honked her car horn to get attention.

Police say Yankton took off running.

He made his way to this apartment complex where police say he began kicking in people’s doors – and even stole a vacuum.

“I wasn’t here for any of it I just saw a vacuum in the hallway and didn’t think anything of it. But now knowing what happened I’m just really glad I wasn’t home last night cause that would have scared the heck out of me.”

Bromich says her guard is now up in a town she usually feels safe in.

“I did feel relatively safe, yeah and not so much anymore and especially since I live here and work there,” adds Bromich.

According to court records, Yankton was released from prison last year after serving time for assault and attempted robbery.

Members of the community say they’ll be more cautious of their surroundings.

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