Massive building fire in downtown Seward

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Flames engulfed the building, called Seward Attic, near 5th and Main Street early Thursday morning. Officials say there was a power outage in the building, when a tenant went to fix the fuse it made a spark that could have caused the fire.

"It got between the ceiling and the roof of the apartment complex," said Chief James Kimsey.

Everyone made it out safely, but we spoke with one tenant who said she lost everything, including her cat. Building owners say they will not reopen their business anywhere else in town.

"But we’re fine and everybody else is fine, we just feel sorry for the renters that were renting. We had apartments up above the store and I am concerned about them," said building owner, Sandra Nuttlemen.

Officials say the building is a total loss. The roof collapsed creating dangerous conditions for firefighters.

"That’s why we took the guys out, because there is a bunch of soft spots and the amount of water that’s in there, so we took everyone out just encase of a collapse," said Chief Kimsey.

Luckily the fire department was able to contain the flames to just this building, but the Cattle National Bank next door did receive smoke damage.

"When we first built it, we did build in an 18 inch fire wall which really helped probably save our building and helped fireman actually battle the blaze from our rooftop," said Ryne Seaman, CEO of Cattle National Bank.

The bank will reopen on Monday and the people living in the apartment were taken care of by the Red Cross.


Fire crews in Seward are battling a massive building fire in their downtown.

They say it started in an apartment with a tenant trying to fix a fuse early this morning, when it sparked. The fire then spread to Seward Attic, an antique store, below the apartment.

Authorities say the building is a total loss.

It took firefighters more than 2 hours to knock the flames down.

Thankfully there are no injuries.

We’ll continue to bring you more information throughout the day.


Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Firefighters in Seward are battling a massive building fire downtown.

The blaze has been going on for a couple hours.

We have a reporter at the scene who is gathering further information. We’ll bring that to you when it becomes available.