Matt Rhule says Nebraska will succeed if Huskers play with confidence

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Head coach Matt Rhule thinks Nebraska can be good again if the Huskers start playing with confidence.

Rhule said Thursday that confidence, in his “humble little opinion,” isn’t telling the players that they can do anything in life because it can backfire sometimes.

“I love my mom,” he said. “But my mom never told me I could do anything in life.”

Instead, Rhule thinks that confidence comes from elite preparation and repetition.

That’s why Rhule has starters go up against starters, not players on the second or third teams.

“We’re getting better because iron sharpens iron,” he said.

With confidence instilled into the Huskers, Rhule said the Huskers will be able to overcome deficits and win games.

“When we start playing with confidence, whether that’s next week or in two years, we’ll be a good team,” Rhule said.

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