Molotov cocktail thrown at Lincoln homes

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Thursday morning, around 2:30, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a house on the 1700 block of N. 32nd Street.

Lincoln Police were called to the area around nine o’clock that same morning and spoke with a 33-year-old man who said someone threw the accelerants at his and his neighbors homes. Lincoln Police observed burn marks in this man’s yard and believe he was the target for the incident.

Officers spoke with the female neighbor whose house was also damaged, but police believe she was not the target. She said her 15-year-old son heard a loud bang and looked outside to see that the front porch was on fire, also damaging the baby bouncer seat stored on it.

Officials say they were fortunate the residents were able to extinguish the fire before it got out of control. There was an estimated 75 dollars worth of damage done.

Lincoln Fire Inspector Thomas Schmidt was assigned to case.
This is a developing story and we will provide more details as they become available.
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