Mother’s Day comes with spotty showers

The good news: we are taking a break from the risk for severe weather. Our shower and storm chances are on the end on non-severe, just giving us more possibilities to see rain and hear rumbles of thunder. We will have a lot more information to share about Friday’s tornado outbreak across Nebraska soon, as local National Weather Service offices continue to work.

Turning to the rest of this weekend, cloud cover will continue to fill in from our low-pressure system hanging out in northeast Nebraska on Saturday. There was still sunshine for southeast Nebraska though, helping highs reach the lower 80s.

With that system nearby, light and scattered showers are possible into Monday. Better chances for rain come by Sunday afternoon and evening, when a few non-severe thunderstorms are possible, too.


Precipitation Probability


Cloud cover will be accompanied by spotty rain chances throughout Mother’s Day, keeping temperatures from going far. Highs will be generally cooler than Saturday, stretching to the middle and upper 70s rather than the 80s.

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Late Saturday night through early Monday, Stormcast shows our accumulations are going to be rather late through the next couple of days. Some lucky spots may see closer to a half-inch in northern Nebraska, while others generally see around a tenth of an inch.

Precip Accum Fast

Stay tuned as we continue to gather more information from the Friday tornado outbreak across the state, we will be sharing that in the days to come.

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