Naked man seen walking into Merrick County cornfield

County deputies are on the lookout and you might want to be as well
Searching For Naked Man
Courtesy: Google Maps

MERRICK COUNTY, Neb. (KLKN) – In what might be the oddest headline ever written, Merrick County Deputies are looking for a naked black male possibly hiding in a cornfield.

Deputies posted the report on social media around 1 pm Saturday. The man was spotted in the area east of Gunbarrel Road and Bismark Road. They searched for almost three hours, along with the Nebraska State Patrol and Nebraska Game and Parks, and couldn’t find him.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, there were many reports of people seeing this man over the past 12 days in various states of dress and undress, all at different times. We do not have any photos to share at this time.

Officials are asking anyone in this area to lock their doors and vehicles up just to be safe. If you have seen this person, please call the Sherriff’s Office at (308) 946-2345. They are concerned about his safety as well since it’s not known why he was naked and how he’s faring in this heat.

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