NE professionals overcome developmental barriers for babies during the pandemic

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Most medical professionals agree that the first few months of a baby’s life are critical to their development.

Sheri Kimmey, a NICU Clinical Nurse Educator at Methodist Women’s Hospital commented, “There’s a lot of learning that happens with the human face, babies take cues from their parents in situations and there’s a lot of social interaction that happens. If you think about when you’re holding a baby and you make a face and they kind of make a face back at you. There’s turn-taking that takes place in those interactions so just really really important for them to see their face.”

However, during the pandemic, safe practices like wearing a face mask can hinder these interactions. Concerned about NICU babies going weeks without seeing their parnets’/guardians’ faces, Methodist Women’s Hospital began to look for a solution.

“I started to look for a good product and I ordered a few things that weren’t great,” explained Kimmey. “Another colleague found the clear masks that we used and they looked like they were something that we could make happen. So I reached out to our foundation and luckily they were able to help us out with that.”

Qualifying NICU families are now able to use these clear masks as they welcome their babies into the world.

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