Nebraska AG Doug Peterson leads national TikTok investigation

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson joined a nationwide investigation into TikTok on Wednesday that will examine whether it promotes harmful physical and mental health topics to children and young adults.

Nationwide, attorneys general are assessing the company’s potential violation of local consumer protection laws.  These violations are believed to have put the public at risk.

Peterson has previously expressed concerns about the negative effects the social media platform poses against Nebraskans.

The investigation will look into the potential harms of promoted content to young users and what TikTok knew about those harms.

The probe focuses on the techniques used by TikTok to boost young user engagement.  This will include monitoring the increasing duration of time spent on the platform and frequency of engagement with the platform.

In May 2021, a bipartisan coalition of 44 attorneys general urged Facebook to abandon its plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under 13.

In November, state attorneys general announced their investigation into Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, for providing and promoting Instagram to kids.

Peterson is one of the leaders of the investigation, along with attorneys general from California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee and Vermont. They are joined by a broad group of attorneys general from across the country.

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