Nebraska Community Blood Bank urges donations to help snow-battered areas

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Blood banks in the U.S. are working together to help with the supply shortage after the massive winter storm. 

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s partners in Minnesota, the Memorial Blood Centers, are now in critical need. 

“They are experiencing extreme snow,” said Kari Lundeen, community outreach representative with the blood bank here. “That’s going to shut down a lot of operations.” 

That is why the blood bank is asking people in Lincoln to donate, so we can help our neighbors. 

“If we can increase the amount of people who donate blood with Nebraska Community Blood Bank and we can take care of our local needs first, then we are able to send blood via airplane, via ground transportation,” Lundeen said. 

She said both blood banks work together every time there is a need. 

“Our sister blood bank, Memorial Blood Center, has helped us out in the past,” Lundeen said. “Especially if there might be a patient that needs a very specific type of blood and a lot of it, and we don’t maybe have a lot of that.” 

Lundeen said the blood bank is also asking people to donate because COVID-19 has created more challenges to blood collection nationwide. 

“We have had enormous decrease in first-time donors,” Lundeen said. “Mostly because our blood drives have decreased by 50% since COVID.” 

People 16 and up are eligible to give blood. Minors will need the consent of their parents.

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank has multiple locations in Lincoln.

For more information on hours, who can donate and more, you can visit its webpage.

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