Nebraska Dems say Gov. Ricketts’ comments on inflation are ‘irresponsible’

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb on Wednesday responded to Gov. Pete Ricketts’ comments on inflation, which she says were “irresponsible.”

In the governor’s weekly column, he said the Biden administration’s “failed policies” were to blame for inflation.

Ricketts also said that the government could ease inflation by limiting spending, cutting regulations and supporting energy production.

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On Wednesday, Ricketts made a stop at a Bellevue gas station to double down on those comments.

Kleeb believes that not only were his comments irresponsible but that he also showed a lack of action.

In a statement, Kleeb said Ricketts could declare a tax holiday at the pump to help reduce prices.

She also said Ricketts could pressure “big oil” to stop price gouging, require a 15% ethanol blend at all gas stations and call for an export ban to keep oil in the country.

“Instead of any meaningful action to help families, Ricketts performs a PR stunt,” Kleeb said.

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