Nebraska lawmakers call for investigation into the Department of Education

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A group of state legislators called for an investigation on Monday into the Nebraska Department of Education.

This centers around the website Launch Nebraska, which was created to help schools reopen from pandemic closures.

Sen. Dave Murman said the website shifted its focus to “left-wing agenda items.”

He said a document given to educators said any conservatives who oppose critical race theory are racist.

The department said the link in question was never directly attached to its website.

In June, it removed a link that, after several clicks, directed users to an outside PDF on CRT.

“We were reached out to by the governor’s office, in fact, that we had a link that went to a cultural responsive education hub,” department spokesman David Jespersen said. “From there, several clicks in, you could find this PDF.”

The group of lawmakers say remote learning and ideological fights have hurt Nebraska’s education system, pointing to the recent drop in ACT scores.

“We are going to get back to the basics,” Sen. Steve Erdman said. “We are going to get back to teaching the true history of who Colombus was, why America was founded and what we need to know going forward.”

The Department of Education says ACT scores across the nation were down due to the pandemic.

Murman said the investigation is expected to start next legislative session.

He told The Daily Caller last week that “any promotion of these reprehensible ideologies,” like comprehensive sex education and CRT, “must be rooted out.”

Rose Godinez with ACLU of Nebraska said this investigation is promoting misinformation and censorship in schools.

“This call for an investigation of the Nebraska Department of Education is nothing but an attack on students’ rights to an inclusive education,” she said.

The nonpartisan Brookings Institution says critical race theory “has become a new bogeyman for people unwilling to acknowledge our country’s racist history and how it impacts the present.”

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund said attempts to ban critical race theory “deny the truth about our nation’s history, silence dissent, and punish those who speak the truth to counter whitewashed falsehoods.”

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