Nebraska players’ attorneys respond to Big Ten’s motion

However, the Husker players' attorney, Mike Flood, called the conference's transparency inadequate in a written statement on Tuesday. 
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Nebraska football players and their attorneys still aren’t satisfied with the Big Ten.

In a brief filed by the conference on Monday, the Big Ten said it voted 11-3 to postponed the fall sports season, more than the 60 percent majority needed to make such a move.

However, the Husker players’ attorney, Mike Flood, called the conference’s transparency inadequate in a written statement on Tuesday.

“The Big Ten has chose to dribble out limited, additional information so it can wrongly claim it has answered our questions while it continues to hide relevant information all the while claiming it has been ‘transparent,'” Flood writes.

Eight Husker football players filed a lawsuit in Lancaster County District Court last Thursday, demanding more clarity from the conference. The Big Ten did provide the voting record on Monday while also pointing out several groups of medical experts and analysts that advised the conference’s board of presidents and chancellors to make this decision.

However, it was not enough information to Flood and his clients.

“There continues to be a fact dispute on whether there was a vote, how the various Chancellors and Presidents voted and what information was relied upon in the decision-making process.

The Big Ten did not provide more details other than the number of votes in each direction. However, several reports have indicated Nebraska, Iowa and Ohio State’s representatives voted against the postponement.

Lancaster County district court judge Susan Strong could make a ruling as soon as Tuesday or later in the week.

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