Nebraska senators want more time in the Legislature, seek term limit changes

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A legislative panel held a hearing Friday on a state constitutional amendment that would increase term limits for senators from two consecutive terms to three.

Sen. Robert Dover, who took Rep. Mike Flood’s seat in July, introduced the amendment.

Forty senators signed onto the resolution in support of it.

Some of them believe that new senators don’t have enough time to learn the ins and outs of the Legislature, especially when it comes to allocating and budgeting money.

The amendment would allow senators to serve for 12 consecutive years.

“Some would say, ‘Well, 12 years? You can’t get it done in eight years; why should I give you 12,'” Dover said.

But he argues that senators wouldn’t really serve 12 years.

“In 12 years, we would only be at work in session for 2½ years,” he told the Executive Board.

His argument is based on the legislative calendar. In two years, the Legislature is only in session for about four months.

The amendment would have to be approved by the Legislature to appear on the ballot in 2024.

Then it would be up to the voters whether to raise term limits.

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