Nebraska State Patrol has helped over 350 drivers amid winter storm

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Nebraska State Patrol said it’s helped over 350 motorists since Wednesday, and the majority of them were stranded on the side of the road.

Sgt. Mike Thorson said if you slide off the road or get stuck, the most important thing to do is call *55 or 911 for help.

“A lot of times people are hesitant to call 911 if it’s not a true emergency,” he said. “But if you’re stuck and you need help and it’s really cold out, call 911. They’ll send you their sheriff’s deputy or the state patrol out.”

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Thorson said troopers have focused mainly on the interstate but have also patrolled more local areas like Highway 2 and the new South Beltway in Lincoln.

The majority of the incidents have been cars and semis getting stuck in the snow or sliding off the slick roads, according to the patrol.

Despite the cold, Thorson said troopers have been in good spirits and are ready to help anyone who needs it.

“We’re just driving up and down the roads just looking for cars in ditches or cars on the shoulders with their flashers on,” he said. “We’re not out there with the intention of making traffic stops on a day like today (Thursday); it’s all about just helping those that need help.”

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On Wednesday, the only known fatality of the storm occurred when an 84-year-old man was killed in a rollover crash near York.

The patrol said it happened when the truck lost control and hit a guard rail, then rolled into a ditch.

Other than that and about 10 other minor crashes, Thorson said troopers have primarily seen the slide-offs and vehicles going into ditches.

He said the *55 number will work anywhere in Nebraska, and the patrol is providing 24-hour coverage in the Lincoln area through the holiday weekend, so don’t be afraid to call if you need help.

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