Nebraska voters will see minimum wage, voter initiatives on the ballot this November

LINCOLN, Neb, (KLKN) – Election officials verified on Tuesday that the Voter ID amendment and Nebraska Minimum Wage initiatives will be on the ballot this November.

“After careful review by our counties, I can confirm that the statutory requirements for valid signatures have been met,” Secretary of State Bob Evnen said. “I have reviewed the initiatives, and both are in compliance with the law. Both the Voter ID and Minimum Wage initiatives will be placed on the ballot for the November general election,”

The Nebraska Constitution requires petitions asking for a law to be enacted to submit signatures equaling at least seven percent or 86,776 of the registered voters in the state.  Verified signatures must also represent five percent of the registered voters in 38 counties.

The Minimum Wage Petition exceeded the requirement with 97,245 verified signatures, and the five percent threshold was reached in 44 of 93 counties.

The Voter ID Constitutional Amendment required 10 percent or 123,966 of the registered voters in the state.

The proposed amendment also required that signatures represented five percent of the registered voters in at least 38 counties to make the November General Election ballot.

The Voter ID initiative exceeded the requirement with 136,458 verified signatures and met the 5% threshold in 76 of 93 counties.

“Certified letters have been mailed to the sponsors notifying them of the results of the petition and signature reviews,” Evnen said.

Public hearings will be held in each of Nebraska’s three congressional districts and a brochure about the initiatives will be distributed to each of the county election offices. The dates and locations of district hearings will be announced later.

For more information about the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment and Nebraska Minimum Wage Statute Initiative, visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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