Nebraskans recognized nationally for their inventions

The National Inventors Hall of Fame announced their 2019 inductees, and two of the 19 inductees happen to be from Nebraska. 

The organization is devoted to recognizing patented inventors and the significant work they have done. 

Rebecca Richards-Kortum, formerly of Grand Island and Andrew Higgins, formerly of Omaha are both responsible for ground-breaking inventions. 

Richards-Kortum now lives in Texas and works at Rice University in the bioengineering department. 

She is known for developing a low cost, but very high performance technology that can be used in areas where modern technology might not be used. 

“She has worked on technology medical devices to really increase the immortality rate in Africa,” Rini Paiva, Executive Vice President for Selection and Recognition for the National Inventors Hall of Fame, said 

Paiva said she is being inducted precisely for her medical devices that can be used in low resource settings. 

The other inventor being honored this year is Andrew Higgins. 

Higgins is from Omaha, but later relocated to New Orleans where he did most of his inventing. He’s best known for the boats he created. 

He invented the Higgins Boat, the boat that was used to bring troops to the beach of Normandy on D-Day. 

“He worked on a lot of the landing craft that was important to the success of the United States during World War II,” Paiva said. 

Paiva said, people say that Andrew Higgins is the man who helped us win the war.

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