Nebraskans urged to be ready after fiery train derailment full of hazardous materials

Courtesy: City of Beaver Falls Fire Department

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Adams County Emergency Management is sharing advice on what to do if a massive train derailment happens in Nebraska.

This comes as monitoring continues in Ohio, where crews have been scrambling to avert a catastrophic explosion.

The threat has grown after about 50 cars went off the tracks in the village of East Palestine, while carrying hazardous materials.

A fire quickly began spreading, and authorities fear that in addition to the toxic gas released, deadly shrapnel could be launched as far as a mile away.

Adams County officials say you should turn to local media sources if an emergency like this happens here.

From there, begin planning to evacuate as you hurriedly move to a safe area.

If you’re sheltering in place, cover all doors and window openings.

Make sure you have your phone ready to receive warnings and alerts as well.

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