Neighbors react to Friday’s accidental shooting death

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Justin Felty, 21, was visiting his friend's apartment in north Lincoln Friday night when police said he was accidentally shot to death.

A neighbor who was moving in nearby at the time said he saw an ambulance leaving the scene.

“I think of his family or if he was living with someone,” Jack Christie said. “I hope that they get it figured out, and that it's not too gruesome of a story.”

It happened around 7:30 p.m. at Lion's Gate Apartments near 52nd and R Streets.

Police said Felty was in his friend's apartment when his friend accidentally fired a gun, hitting Felty in the chest. Felty had no pulse when paramedics arrived. He was later pronounced dead.

“We were told it's an accidental shooting and this does appear to be that,” Cpt. David Beggs of the Lincoln Police Dept. said. “At this point and time, we do have one deceased person in an apartment, he's a male.”

Police said it appears Felty's friend was simply handling the gun. They don't believe there was any kind of confrontation.

Neighbors in the apartment complex have mixed reactions about the situation.

While they said it's tragic, some don't believe the friend should have been handling a gun in the first place. Others said it's a person's discretion whether to keep a gun in his or her home.

Christie said while he doesn't have a stance, he hopes all who own guns exercise safety.

“I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other on guns,” Christie said. “Obviously they can lead to accidents, and they're destructive. They can kill people, which is obviously this case. I just want people to be careful, and I hope he was using the right precautions.”

The Lancaster County Attorney's office is also investigating the incident. No citations have been issued at this time..

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.