New Lincoln schools could change attendance boundaries

The changed boundaries will not take effect until the 2022-2023 school year.
Lincoln Public Schools

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With three new Lincoln schools on the way, the boundaries will potentially be changing. For the first time in over a decade, Lincoln Public Schools is drafting a district wide shift for all school boundaries.

Two new Lincoln high schools and an elementary school will cause some future boundary changes, which is the default of where a child will go to school. The Planning Committee through LPS has been working on a rough draft of these proposals since January. They have been looking at where students currently attend, what the capacities of these new buildings will be, and how lines will be adjusted in order to make the best use of all their facilities.

“With the exciting opportunity to open up new schools, the district is looking at how we can make the best use of our buildings for the students we have today and for the students that will come to us through growth,” Lanny Boswell, a LPS Board Member said. “We’re here to get the feedback from the families that are going to be impacted by those decisions so that we can put together the best proposal we can for those new boundaries.”

A big question many parents are asking is will your kids have the decision to stay at their school or will they be forced to move to another school based on the new boundaries? LPS says due to their transfer policy, it’s completely up to the parents and their kids.

“Some of those students will initially pick to go to that (new) school,” Boswell said. “It might start out at a third of its capacity or half of its capacity and than as time goes on, families will grow into that school and those schools fill a lot faster than you might think.”

For more information on the proposed boundaries CLICK HERE.

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