Nomi Health to offer free therapy to health care workers

Nomi Health is teaming up with Tava Health to offer $1 million worth of free therapy sessions

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It’s been a long couple of years, and Nomi Health is helping Nebraska’s health care workers.

It’s teaming up with Tava Health and investing $1 million into free therapy sessions with licensed mental health professionals.

Rebecca Langle, Nomi’s director of corporate social responsibility, said the effort is “kind of a way to mark and celebrate all of the work that health care workers have done the past two years during the COVID pandemic and understanding that took a large toll on everyone’s mental health, but specifically the mental health of those health care workers.”

That’s why it’s offering these therapy sessions to every health care worker in Nebraska. To join in, simply visit and type in your name and place of employment.

That gives you access to mental health assistance “one on one, on video, with a counselor who can go through different types of trained therapy methods,” Langle said.

Each health care worker can have up to twelve sessions with fully licensed professionals.

“They are licensed to practice in the state of Nebraska,” Langle said. “They’re not necessarily here in the state, even if they’re licensed, but there are a lot that are. We’re really excited about that, too, offering some employment to mental health care workers.”

Nomi Health is offering this service in a number of states, and some already have therapy sessions available.

Nebraska’s health care professionals will need to wait until June 1 before they can take advantage of these sessions.

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