Nonprofit finds care for Lincoln pets while their owners are in rehab

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A nonprofit founded by a former Nebraska family is helping people and pets in need in Lincoln.

AA Place for Dogs assists addicts by easing the burden and fear of entering rehab and leaving their animal companions.

It will pay for boarding and vaccinations, if the animals need them, while their owners get help.  

“Most, if not all, rehab facilities would not allow pets in when their owners come in for treatment,” Abby Warnke said.

It all started after a personal experience hit her family hard.

“In 2021, my family lost our brother/son to his addiction,” Warnke said.

She said that while he was alive, he had two dogs.

“They were his most prized possessions,” she said. “But they also tended to be a problem when it came to him trying to get the treatment that he needed.

Now the entire family has come together to help others like him. 

The nonprofit is based out of Kansas. But since the founders are originally from Nebraska, they saw a need to bring their program here to Lincoln. 

“Nebraska is close to our hearts,” Warnke said. “It’s where a lot of our extended family is, and we did see there is a big need for this there a well,” Warnke said. 

AA Place for Dogs has two partners in Lincoln, the Capital Humane Society and Bailey’s Deluxe Pet Care. 

In 2023, in total we’ve helped 18 people and 22 animals,” Warnke said.

Out of those totals, 10 people, seven dogs and five cats were from Nebraska.

Even if you are not from the Lincoln area, do not hesitate to contact AA Place for Dogs, as it is open to helping people from other areas, too. 

For help or to donate, you can visit its website or call 316-833-8150.

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