Officer Herrera still fighting, medical staff express positivity

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Sunday, Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister was able to speak with Herrera’s family to get an update on his condition. As of now, he has undergone five different surgeries, two of which were done on Sunday, focusing on his abdominal area and to control bleeding.

Chief Bliemeister reports that the medical staff expressed a positive attitude concerning his condition. Officials say, if it wasn’t for current practices in place when serving warrants, Herrera may not have survived.

“Mario is undergoing this fight today for a variety of reasons – pre-planning to service of arrest warrant… this led to medical staff from LFR [Lincoln Fire and Rescue] being in close proximity to the address,”  something that is a matter of practice in case of emergency. Herrera’s family said they are extremely overwhelmed by the professionalism and skills of officials contributing to his survival, as well as the response from the surrounding community.

Officials have confirmed Herrera was a criminal investigator, acting as a translator in the beginning parts of the investigation into the suspect, Felipe Vazquez.

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