Officers Seize About 800% More Fake Prescription Pills This Year, in Nebraska Alone

In Nebraska 2 Out Of Every 5 Pills Seized Are Lethal

Lincoln, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincon Lancaster county had the highest overdose-related deaths in the state this summer.  The National Drug Enforcement Agency released the first public service announcement in 6 years, after finding more fake prescription pills laced with a lethal amount of fentanyl.

“One pill can kill. You don’t know what’s in that pill, and that one pill could have a lethal dose that could end someone’s life,” said Justin King DEA Special Agent.

The prescription pills they are finding with lethal doses are not just pain pills, but those used for anxiety or ADHD.

“These pills are made to look like an Oxy-cotton, a Zanex, and Adderal. They are made to look like that to make people think that they are legitimate,” said King.

There is no way to tell if a pill purchased from a dealer is deadly, as only two grams of fentanyl could kill.

“In Nebraska alone, this year we have seized over 32 thousand pills. That is a significant increase, about an 800% increase from what we were seizing just a year ago,” said King.

Drug traffickers began using fentanyl to cut production costs, and over the years keep evolving their practices.

“They are made by a drug trafficking organization, you know precursor chemicals coming in from China into Mexico and they make these in bulk, sometimes they make them in the United States. It really is targeting that market of people that maybe think there is not as much stigma about taking a pill. We are really seeing that as a crisis across the country,” said King.

DEA agents are finding these pills in the hands of children.

“Everybody needs to be part of helping this problem. Our parents need to have these conversations, teachers need to have these conversations, our clergy. Anyone that can, needs to talk and get to children early,” said King.

Officers feel that educating our youth about the dangers of taking fake prescription pills will help curb their curiosity of wanting to try them.

For helpful tips on drug education visit DEA.GOV

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