One journey takes a Nebraska man across the state

When it comes to what Nebraska offers, Cody Sperl is here to help.

“I simply like the history behind it, I like going to the downtown and seeing these businesses dating back all the way to 1885,” Sperl said.

The Stanton native is on a mission to visit all of the Cornhusker State’s 530 incorporated towns, so far he has made it to 372.

“Every time I get back from a town that I visited, I write down each one,” Sperl said.

He documents each one in a notebook and takes pictures of the ‘good life’ in each town. He makes sure to capture the history and older buildings in towns.

Cody says he is use to the suspicious looks while taking pictures, mostly from smaller towns, but every time he explains why he is there they are quick to respond.

“You should drive 10 miles down the road and visit this historic cemetery or this old schoolhouse and yes, they really like that,” Sperl said.

Cody has been drawing attention on social media with his posts on his Facebook page he created, Cody’s Adventurous Travels of Nebraska Towns. He features a different town each week. The page has nearly 5,000 followers in it’s first year.

“It’s totally met my expectations, so that’s something that I’m really proud of,” Sperl said.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry recently reached out, calling his quest in finding Nebraska’s hidden gems fascinating.

“The whole deal just went very good and I even got a letter from him in the mail and a wonderful picture of us in the mail and it’s something that I am going to keep for memories and I’m never going to forget about it,” Sperl said.

Cody hopes his story and pictures will inspire more people to explore the state. But for right now, he’ll continue his mission, proving that Nebraska is indeed for everyone.

“I feel if I let people know about unique gems and places, people might check it out and maybe make a road trip out there and they will be like, “wow this is so cool, I was not expecting this,” Sperl said.

Cody is not on a race to visit the rest of the towns in Nebraska. He says he enjoys devoting the time to learn about each town.



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