One Nebraska man saved twenty horses from last week’s major flooding

Michael Thornburg a horse trainer from Waterloo, Nebraska nearly lost everything after floods reached and destroyed his barn with his twenty horses inside.

But thanks to him and his horse Oaky, they together saved all twenty horses.

“I went down there and parked a truck across the road to block them off so they can go into a pin I had there at my barn and I ran there down the road and tried to get them out of there so they could evacuate them because they were chest deep in water,” Thornburg said.

Now Michael and Oaky are at the Lancaster Event Center alongside his six other horses.

Where he takes care of them and walks them around the pavilion, and Michael looks backs on the situation he appreciates the fact that he had such a great horse by his side.

“I can’t say enough about him, he packed me in there in 35 degree water up to his belly and backed me out of there and then back in there 3 more time cause I had three horses that didn’t come out the first big wave of them that I had to go back in and lead out by hand and he never faltered,” Thornburg said.

Other than the Lancaster Event Center, Michael doesn’t have a place to store his horses.

He is currently struggling to find a place for his future, but it doesn’t hold him back from saying thank you to everyone who has helped over the past few weeks.

“I’d like to extend a thank you to everybody that has been so kind over the past few days, you know I just hope it all works out,” Thornburg said.

If you would like to help out Michael he’s friends started a Go Fund Me page, and

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