One of Lincoln’s major employers shuts down due to COVID-19

“Overall i love working for the company, because of what they build, what they stand for.”

Daniel Grisso has worked at Kawasaki Motors in Lincoln for about four years. On Thursday, he and his co-workers were told that the manufacturer would be closing its doors for “an anticipated” two weeks, starting Monday. It’s all in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, by allowing employees to practice social distancing and to focus on their health. However, employees, like Daniel, are now out of work starting April.

“It just hit me hard because I need money to pay the bills,” said Daniel. “Now I’m just in uncharted waters. I gotta figure out how to navigate this.”

Kawasaki released a memo encouraging employees to stay in touch, for updates on their “return to work status”. They are also offering supplemental unemployment benefits to eligible persons. But, without the promise of a steady income, Daniel and others temporarily unemployed are scrambling to make ends meet.

“I’m just struggling to figure out how we are going to keep up, with the payments,” said Daniel. “I love the job. I just want to be back”.

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