PAC forms to fight Nebraska Board of Education candidates it calls ‘extremists’

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Trust Nebraska Teachers, a new political action committee, is fighting against candidates for the State Board of Education whom they deem “extremists.”

The PAC says it wants to educate voters about the “harmful, extreme positions” of candidates Kirk Penner, Sherry Jones, Elizabeth Tegtmeier and Marni Hodgen.

Those four “have been very outspoken in their belief that our Nebraska teachers are ‘Mind Polluters,’ ” De Tonack, treasurer of the PAC, said in a press release.

Hodgen told KMTV that the extremist label is “nonsense.”

“It is nothing more than an attempt to deflect and distract from the things that have been happening on my opponent’s watch,” said Hodgen, who is running against board member Deborah Neary.

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