Parents frustrated by Big Ten’s decision to postpone fall sports

Eighty-one Nebraska football parents wrote a letter to Big Ten voicing their concerns about postponement.
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Parents of University of Nebraska football players are looking for answers.

Citing a lack of transparancy, Nebraska football parents took to Twitter on Sunday to express their discontent with the Big Ten’s decision to postpone fall sports.

Gene Benhart, whose son Bryce is a redshirt freshman offensive lineman for the Huskers, says he and his fellow Husker parents did not want to allow the moment to get away from them without expressing their opinion on the matter.

“We wanted to have our voices heard,” Benhart said. “They weren’t listening to the coaches, they weren’t listening to the players, they weren’t listening to the ADs, and then they weren’t listening to the players, you know what? I just didn’t want to go down without having the opportunity to voice our concerns also.”

Benhart says that Glen Snodgrass, the father of redshirt freshman linebacker Garrett Snodgrass and the head football coach at York High School, led the effort to rally a total of 81 Husker parents to put together the letter.

“I think the fact that the parents and players are so strongly for playing should resonate with the presidents,” says Mike Henrich, the father of redshirt freshman linebacker Nick Henrich. “It’s tough for those type of people to admit they are wrong but in this case, I hope they do.”

The Big Ten has yet to respond to the letter. Benhart says that he’s confident that if the Big Ten allows the Huskers to take the field this fall, they will be able to do it safely.

“The best case scenario is to play the sport,” Benhart said. “They can figure out the correct way to play this sport this fall safely. With all the protocols, safety measures that Nebraska has, and I know the other schools have it too, those guys can be smart about it and make sure that they’re ready to play.”

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