Pastor goes 24 hours without food or sleep to support homeless

For every like and follow on People's City Mission social media accounts, a bottle of water will be donated to the homeless.

Pastor Tom Barber is spending 24 hours on the street without food or sleep at The Railyard to raise awareness for homelessness in Lincoln.

It’s an initiative called Gimme Shelter: 24 HRS on the Street. From 5 p.m. on Friday to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Pastor Tom will be spending his time engaging with guests and community leaders about the issue of homelessness in Lincoln.

“This is the third time we’ve done something where we go out and we spend 24 hours on the street without food or shelter and we try to draw awareness to the homeless and their plight,” Pastor Tom said.

According to Pastor Tom, this year is different because of a concentrated effort to help the homeless with water. The People’s City Mission is partnering with companies Norland Pure and Don’t Panic Labs as a part of this initiative. For every like or follow on the People’s City Mission social media platforms, the two companies will donate a bottle of water to the homeless.

“In the summer time, people really need to be hydrated,” Pastor Tom said. “We go through lots of water with our folks. They don’t have cars, they can’t even walk in this heat, and so we’re asking people for water.”

According to the Gimme Shelter: 24 HRS on the Street Facebook page, there will be music, sidewalk chalk & bubbles and surprise special guests at The Railyard.

People can follow the People’s City Mission on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the handle @pcmlincoln.

For more information about this Gimme Shelter: 24 HRS on the Street, visit this link.



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