Peaceful demonstration in Lincoln against Hazara genocide

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Dozens gathered outside the State Capitol Building on Sunday afternoon for a peaceful demonstration about the Hazara genocide in Afghanistan.

It was organized by the Hazara Community in Nebraska after another attack was aimed at a Hazara school.

On Sept. 30, a girls’ high school was targeted by terrorists in the west of Kabul.

Latest reports confirm that the suicide bomber left 52 dead and dozens more injured.

Hazaras in Afghanistan have been persecuted for over a century, and with the Taliban in control of the country, the Hazara community believes there is an imminent threat to their people.

A board member of the Hazara Community in Nebraska, Juma Nazari, said it’s been encouraging to see people stand up for the Hazaras.

“There are demonstrations across over 100 cities,” Nazari said. “We have thousands of people around the world that gather together regardless of their religions, regardless of their ethnicity, and ask to stop Hazara genocide.”

There were several speakers at the demonstration who gave speeches in their native language.

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen also spoke at the event in support of the Hazara people.

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