People’s City Mission starting drug relapse program

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The People’s City Mission is launching a new program to help people suffering from drug relapse.

The program is scheduled to start on Jan. 16.

The goal is to provide anyone a space to live and work on their recovery, especially those worried about relapsing or who’ve already relapsed and want help.

The program will house 15 participants, and five of them will be females.

The mission decided that since it had the space, it would be a good program to start.

“We just figured that we have the room and the space to do that, we have the trained counselors here that will be doing the groups in the classes here, and we just feel that that we want to help with this situation,” said Earl Richardson, director of the Carter Center at the mission.

Richardson said there will be mandatory random and targeted drug tests for those in the program.

Members of the program will receive room and board and will work for the mission to help offset the cost.

They’ll also get to take job readiness classes and housing search assistance.

Richardson said anyone can apply; all they need to do is go to the mission and ask for an application.

Due to the small number of spaces in the program, each application will be vetted to make sure the right people are admitted.

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