Phillip’s Lincoln Lights: The ultimate Lincoln holiday lights guide

The ultimate map to view the brightest sights in the city

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)– Holiday displays have been lighting up displays across Lincoln, and a local Facebook group, “Phillip’s Lincoln Lights,” has helped thousands find and enjoy the best displays in town.

Phillip Wagoner, the creator of the group, said, “Well, it all started with a map. And I just shared it with people. And then about three years ago, got the idea to maybe create a Facebook group, kind of organize it a little bit better.”

Phillip never expected his group to be a widespread success.

“Phillip’s Lincoln Lights” has grown to nearly 18,000 members in just three years, with more joining the page every day, constantly posting new light sightings, and interacting with the community within the page.

Phillip said, “I just think with a pandemic, you know, everyone was at home, maybe more lights getting put up, bigger displays. So I think it just grew from there.”

The group features Phillip’s lightmap, where he adds display locations and routes for people to enjoy an evening of holiday cheer.

The map is interactive and always changing, and with multiple routes, the options to tour lights are endless.

“My family and I, all my family, we’d go out and try and find the best displays we can and you’d know of search newspapers and new sites to find them. And I didn’t like any of the maps they use, so I just made my own,” said Phillip, “I know it’s not easy work to put a display up, as you can see behind me, I have to do my own, so I know the hard work and dedication it takes to put up so anyone can appreciate that.”

The Facebook group can be found with a simple search or by clicking here.

Phillip’s lightmap is pinned at the top of the page or can be found by clicking here.

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