Professional gives advice in decluttering for the new year

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With the new year in full swing, many across Lincoln are starting to act on their resolutions.

For many, a fresh start comes in the form of decluttering their lives to go along with the saying, “a clean home is a healthy home.”

Wendy Tridle, owner of Organize by Design, has found ways to kickstart your decluttering process.

Tridle said she asks “Why are you keeping this? Do you see yourself using this in three years?” as a question to those trying to get organized.

By talking them through the memories of nostalgic items, it slowly becomes easier to part with them.

“We spend so much time collecting these items thinking that they are valuable; that they are going to bring us joy,” Tridle said.

She said in the end some of the items cluttering our closets can become burdensome.

“The thing that people say is that they feel free; like they can let go of items,” Tridle said.

Places like storage rooms, bathrooms and pantries are the rooms most at risk when it comes to clutter.

Tridle recommends starting left to right in a room by pulling out everything and separating items into piles.

When it comes to storing leftover items of value, big totes and labels are the best way to stay organized for the coming year.

For more tips on how to stay clean in the coming year, visit Organize by Designs website and social media pages.


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