Putting a pageant together during a pandemic

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — After months of waiting for the green light, the Mrs. Nebraska America and Miss Nebraska for America pageant took place at the Scottish Rite Center in Omaha after the health department told them they could do it.

The pageants were originally scheduled to take place in April, then they were moved to June. Finally, they took place this weekend as one of the few pageants across the country that has actually taken place.

“We had to cut capacity to 50% so we were able to hold about 250 people. We encouraged people in the audience as well as family and friends to live stream so people who couldn’t get in could still see what was going on,” said Sarah Christianson, co-director of the Mrs. Nebraska pageant.

Every other row was roped off with no one allowed to sit and masks had to be worn by those sitting in the audience.

“They broke us up into groups. My group had four and I believe the other two groups had five, they split us up and it also gives the judges a chance to go over things,” said Alissa Harrington, Mrs. Central Nebraska.

Judges also wore masks and were separated by full tables in between their groups.

“We tried to keep them in the loop as much as possible, they knew within the last month that this was the date and they just kept working toward preparing. We knew we were going to do this and then finally yes, it was really going to happen and they were ready and so prepared,” said Christianson.

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