Quick warm up, cooler by the end of the week

An up and down kind of week is expected with our high temperatures increasing through Wednesday. They then come crashing back down Thursday, Friday and into the weekend. Precipitation chances are out there for Thursday, then again early next week.

3day Lincoln Forecast With Hourlies

A little breezy for Tuesday, but temperatures are on the way up. After a chilly start to the day, highs will try for 53 degrees, which is the average high for this time of year.

Tomorrow High Dma

With more sunshine expected, the lower, middle, and upper 50s will be seen across much of our area Tuesday. It might be a little cooler further east.

Wind Gusts

The wind picks up as the day progresses. By the late afternoon, the wind will be gusting to around 30 mph.

Any Model Latest Run 2

Fast forwarding to Thursday, a rain/snow mix will be possible during the day. Timing and how much snow is still being determined!

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