Quiet through the rest of the week

Temperatures are going to be near normal for highs through the rest of the week. As we move into February, our average high is around 37 degrees, so we’ll be close! Precipitation chances will be small with only a small chance early next week.

Any Model Latest Run

A quiet start to the day on Wednesday with only a few clouds here and there. The clear sky will make for a chilly start to the day.

Tonight Low Dma

Most of us should bottom out in the single digits, which is about 5 to 10 degrees below average.

Lincoln Tomorrow Hour By Hour

With plenty of sunshine, we should warm up fairly quickly and make it into the middle 30s by the afternoon. There will be a bit of a southwest breeze making it feel a little cooler.

Lincoln Tomorrow Wind Gusts

The wind should gust much more that 20 mph during the day. Still, any wind this time of year and you’ll get a bite to the wind chill.

Tomorrow High Dma

Highs for most of us will be in the lower and middle 30s. We’ll do this again Thursday, then again on Friday!

Chief Meteorologist Rusty Dawkins 
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