Resolution to end Lincoln’s Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 fails

The only council member to vote in favor of the resolution was Roy Christensen, the person who proposed it.
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — After hours of debate at City Council, the motion to end an emergency declaration for the City of Lincoln did not go through, ultimately failing 6-1.

The resolution to end the emergency was put forth by Councilman Roy Christensen. Before the council heard from the public, they brought in multiple city officials to outline exactly what the Emergency Declaration entails.

The declaration opens up certain powers to the mayor and also helps make the city eligible for relief resources on a state and federal level. Attorneys and emergency officials made it clear, the declaration has nothing to do with mask mandates or any DHM’s put forth by the County Health Department.

Doctor after doctor lined up in front of the council to share their plea of keeping the city’s current emergency declaration because of COVID–19. They detailed experiences they’ve seen while in the hospitals treating patients who were fighting the virus, some ultimately dying from the novel Coronavirus.

Many of those who supported the resolution expressed their distaste for the declaration since it began. Most of them said they felt the city was over stepping their powers and that the emergency has gone on for too long.

Supporters questioned how long the emergency will go on. While officials didn’t have a direct answer, doctors who came to speak said the goal is to get 70-80% of the population vaccinated.

Doctors also reminded the council, they don’t believe we are out of the woods just yet. With COVID-19 variants becoming more common, they worry cases could spike once again.

Doctors reminded the council, there are still COVID–19 variants that could cause more outbreaks.


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